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Real Principles For Real Change

Behind the "What to do?" & "How to do it?" - Terry Rubenstein

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Friday, December 5, 2014

 " The blind spot concerns not the what and how they do it -  but the who : who we are and the inner place or source from which we operate both individually and collectively "

  Otto Scharmer , Presence  

Why are we all so obsessed with the " Hows?" and the "Whats?"

"Tell me what it is and how to do it?"  is one of the most common request from our clients.  Sincerely. They want to learn. They want to escape the stress and pain of living in an ego filled mind. In a world that feels overwhelming and hostile at times and at other times confusing and dissatisfying. 

The principles of Innate Health fail to address these questions in a truly satisfying way because they address a far more important and fundamental question. If we don't understand who we are and where we fit into the universe , these questions of  "How?"and "What?" will be superfluous and ultimately dissatisfying. 

In my experience, every time I glimpse the " whole " or the " bigger picture " or the "oneness of life " , the previous questions become redundant and insignificant. Outside of the "whole" ,...

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The Potential for a New Sandwich - Mette Louise Holland

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Change is always possible when we see a little more! 

Let's pretend you came to me as a client (I'm a psychologist) and said: ”I'm really tired of my 
negative and worried thinking!”. Then I would tell you how thought creates feeling and would 
additionally point you towards your inner health which will think positive for you as soon as you 
see that you never have to take your negative thinking seriously.

You would listen, and maybe even feel a little hopeful. And then (maybe, let's just pretend) you 
would think of...

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A Paradigm Shift For Mental Health - Lori Carpenos

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Friday, November 21, 2014

I feel so fortunate to have run across people who were teaching the Principles, way back in 1985 and to have met Sydney Banks while he was still alive. There is no question that Mr. Banks uncovered what would become a paradigm shift in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

 “Someday someone will find principles for psychology and when they do, it will change the field to a philosophy and a science and in turn it will help millions of people.”

William James (sometimes called the father of psychology)

To think that we’re...

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Mental Clarity in a Minute by Annika Hurwitt

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Friday, November 14, 2014

 It's really been striking me lately how easily our minds can clear themselves and return to the present moment, where we have mental clarity and access to our best thinking,  and yet how much time we spend disconnected from our mental clarity. 

    When you watch children, it’s clear that nature designed your mind to clear itself regularly throughout the day.  Whether a child is having a great time or a meltdown, once s/he’s had that experience s/he returns to the present and moves on, mentally clear and ready for the next adventure.

    The only thing that gets in the way of your mind functioning this way – having mental clarity in a minute – is that by the time you reach adulthood you have often developed mental habits that get in your way.  I was talking with a client today who said her mental habit was being in a fog.  Another client has a habit of...

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Life Is Spiritual - Judith Sedgeman

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Friday, November 7, 2014

For years, as a member of the faculty of a medical school, I would answer doctors’ objections to talking about the spiritual with this question: Can you tell the difference between the living and the dead? Of course they could! That difference is the spiritual. The dead body has all the parts that make up the form of a living person; it is missing the formless, spiritual energy that gives it “life.”

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought explain and describe that energy, placing our focus on the power of creating our life moment-to-moment, rather than living at the mercy of thinking we have created without realizing it. It’s really very simple, and although those of us who are dedicated to sharing the Principles have certain ways of putting it, we are hardly the first people in the world to point in that direction. The idea of formless spiritual energy underlies the philosophies and spiritual practices of all of mankind. The insights we share, which arose with the...

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The world of wellbeing--deeper feelings - Annika Hurwitt Schahn

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Why do deeper feelings matter? They’re the greatest remedy to stress, for one thing.  Stress takes a great toll on peoples’ mental and physical health.  When we tap into the world of deeper feelings, the mind re-sets itself.  There’s a rhythm to everything in the universe – everything moves in a wave-like pattern.  When those waves are stalled in the body by too much sitting, too little movement, we get disease.  When they’re stalled in the mind, we get stress, and over time stress can turn into insecurity,  anxiety and worse.

Your mind is always functioning in one of two ways – its actively going after thought, moving around your personal world of data, analysis, past and future, or its receptively...

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What's Wrong With Me - Judy Sedgman

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Friday, October 3, 2014

WHATS WRONG WITH ME? By Judith Sedgman

Since I have begun seeing clients one on one as a Mental Health Mentor, the most frequent questions they ask in the first session are “whats wrong with me? How did this happen? Why can’t anyone explain to me what happened to my mind? For the most part, they’ve had a lot of therapy. And they’ve been given diagnoses. But  diagnoses do not =explain. Diagnoses describe and label symptom sets. What’s eating at people are the WHY? questions. Why can’t I just be OK again? How did I go wrong? How do people get chemical  imbalances? How come I have it and my siblings don’t?

What is so humbling and thrilling to me is that I can answer their questions with a clear,  simple,  logical explanation that puts their minds to rest. I remember when I was struggling  with depression and I...

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Behind The Scenes of Fear and Anxiety - Melissa Cohen

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Before we look at fear and anxiety ,I would like to talk about the formless energy behind life. If we look at the natural world, we see very clearly that some intelligence is behind it.

A small apple seed is planted in the ground and a big apple tree emerges. The oceans never pass their sand borders. The sun rises and sets every day.

If we asked the smartest scientist in the world to duplicate any of these things, he could not. He may be able to tell us how all these things happen, but he could never make them happen.

This same intelligence is behind the human body as well. As far as I can tell, I do not make my own heart beat or my kidneys function, or my legs move for that matter. All these things seem to happen without any help from me.


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Back To Reality - Jamie Sellers

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Friday, July 11, 2014

I recently returned from my summer vacation this past week. As I was driving back to
work, the thought occurred to me, "well I guess it’s back to reality." Memories of my first cruise
experience would flash back into my mind. I started reminiscing on how much enjoyment I had
experienced the previous weekend. I thought about this lovely rainbow as we were heading out
to the Gulf of Mexico. I remembered the delicious food, beautiful weather, and all the
interesting people we met. I even went back and revisited all the photos we took, attempting to
relive this wonderful vacation in my head. During this trip there were so...

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Where do Great leaders Get Their Courage? - Annika Hurwitt

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Believe it or not, courage boils down to one simple thing:  the ability to look thought right in the eye.

Notice I didn’t say it’s the ability to analyze your thinking.  Or to try to change it, or make it more positive.

Courage comes from understanding the nature of Thought.  Without this understanding, our minds spin out of control, because when you don’t understand the nature of Thought, it makes you inherently insecure.  Insecurity leads to a great deal of unnecessary thinking, making you more and more stressed and vulnerable.

Understanding the nature of Thought clears unnecessary thinking out of the way.  When you realize that all of your feelings are coming from your thinking in the moment, absolutely and without exception, several things happen that give you the courage needed for great leadership:

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