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Real Principles For Real Change

The Surprising Secret of Highly Confident People - Véronique Pivetta

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Friday, January 31, 2014

About a year ago, I realized something had shifted for me when it comes to « confidence ». I was on the way to a restaurant, where I was meeting someone for lunch for the first time. As I was walking and enjoying the sunshine, all of a sudden it hit me : « I’m not nervous. » This took me by surprise. I wondered how and when that had happened. Before, I had always been nervous about meeting up with people for the first time. I would try to prepare for the conversation. Will I know what to say? Will we connect? What if I can’t answer his questions? What if I’m not articulate? As I remembered that I used to think all that before, I realized all those fears just seemed silly to me now. I just thought, « Well, whatever happens, I’ll just see what comes up. If nothing comes up I’ll wait and listen. If something comes up, I’ll probably share that. ».

How could I be so relaxed and confident about this? Well, while learning about the Principles, I came to see for myself that Wisdom is always there to guide me, every step of the way. The thing is, when it comes...

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Parenting from the Principles - Terry Rubenstein

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

How would I parent without an understanding of the nature of thought and experience? I have no idea -but what I do know is that I well up with gratitude for the little I have learnt that has allowed me to absolutely love and treasure my six boys and the everyday gift of being their mother.

My boys are aged 2 , 10,11 ,14,16 ad 17. Each one at different times is going through different experiences and challenges in negotiating their way through the maze of the human experience. At times for each one it can be more intense or more graceful depending on their state of mind and quality of thinking. I as their mother watch in awe and humility as I see 6 beautiful, capable and resourceful souls coming in and out of wisdom and common sense and occasionally dipping into frustration and despair. How perfect they seem in context of the knowledge I have of the wholeness of each one. How strong and resilient they seem in the knowledge of their innate wisdom and spiritual core. How much faith I have in the buoyancy of their health to bring them back to their true selves even in the midst of their...

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The Three Principles and Stress - Judy sedgeman

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Friday, January 17, 2014

The moldy old notion that a little stress is good for you has shriveled and died under the bright light of science. No stress that is not a brief and appropriate response to a real need for action is ever good for anyone. Period. Science in the past decade has shown that conclusively. No argument. Stress underlies the chronic diseases that are overwhelming our health system and destroying the quality of middle and late life.

The anti-stress movement today is much like the anti-smoking movement of the 20th century. In 1964, the US Surgeon General's report that conclusively linked smoking with lung cancer and other diseases was issued. At that time, the majority of people smoked. Smoking was common in all public spaces, including college classrooms, restaurants and airplanes, not to mention hospitals and libraries. It was not only socially acceptable, but portrayed in movies as socially desirable and sophisticated. It took at least a generation for public opinion to catch up with the Surgeon General so that smoking gradually disappeared from public life and fewer and fewer people defended or took up the habit. In the first years, it felt like smoking...

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Is Perception Really Reality? - George Pransky

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Friday, January 10, 2014

It certainly is reality. Perceptions come from our thoughts and our thoughts create our subjective reality - the only reality we could ever know. What we perceive has to be real to us because it's the only information we receive about life. Thinking is our sole source of our experience.

That being said, perception isn't really reality because it's not ultimately real. It is just a temporary perception brought to us by our thinking and made to look real via consciousness. Our subjective "reality" is illusory by nature. It is transient. It is made up of our thoughts at a given moment. Show me 10,000 people and I'll show you 10,000 different subjective realities, however slight the differences may be. How could we say that each of them is "real"?

This discussion suggests the existence of a deeper reality. This deeper reality is invisible, formless, and before the fact of life as we know it. We think of this as real because it is a constant. It is always there and it is always the source of life for us human beings. We talk about this reality as Universal Consciousness, Universal Thought and Universal Mind. This is the true reality that we can't touch or even...

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Is health REALLY an inside job?? - Leona Hamrick

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Asking if health really is an inside job seems silly, right?  Well, maybe not.  Twenty years ago when I started my medical career I am sure I would have answered, "No, it's not an inside job".  The old Leona would have argued health comes from a multitude of factors including environment (things like smoking and stress) and genetics.  Well I still think those things matter a lot but the new Leona certainly sees life inside-out.  Now I see that happiness - true gleeful happiness - comes from inside and happiness = health.

The definition of health has fundamentally changed for me now.  I define health as an overall state of well-being and contentment.  I know people who are battling cancer but are healthy.  Likewise, I know people who appear to have it all - a nice car, a beautiful home, a loving spouse - and they are miserable and unhealthy.   

Health is a state of mind.  It is awareness that we are okay in any given circumstance.  It is recognizing we are in the center of our canoe.  Sometimes life...

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