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Real Principles For Real Change

The Gift Of Grace - Clytee Mills

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Friday, February 28, 2014

I took care of my husband Roger for several years as he died of cancer. What might sound like a challenging experience actually taught me a great deal about grace. One day after his passing, it occurred to me that I had experienced more beautiful feelings during the last two weeks of my husband’s life than during the two weeks of our honeymoon. How could that be?  

Those who have studied with the late Sydney Banks often say, “We are being taken care of.” I wondered if my experience of well-being was an example of that. I realized, yes, I was taken care of during those years of Roger’s illness. For me, “being taken care of” is what I mean by grace. A presence or consciousness that seemed stronger and deeper than my personal efforts or my personal will guided and comforted me no matter what was happening. I am deeply grateful for that experience. My ability to open myself to this experience was encouraged by my understanding of the Three Principles as taught by Sydney Banks.  

In The Inside-Out Revolution, Michael Neill notes the benefits of a Three...

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Anybody Can Do the Splits: Mind Over Matter - George Pransky

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A trusted physical therapist once told me that anybody under a general anesthesia can do the splits and other body contortions usually restricted to yogis. You can take an anesthetized person’s body and twist it any which way you want even though that person might normally not even be able to touch their toes. 
The discrepancy between the conscious person’s flexibility and the anesthetized person’s flexibility illustrates to me the power of thought. The anesthesia simply takes the limitations of conscious thought off the table and lets the natural thought processes inform the body. This discrepancy also reminded me of what little understanding we have about how thought limits us as it poses as "reality". It had previously seemed certain to me that the flexibility limitations of my body had to do with past body abuses, the anatomy of my muscles, and, of course, genetics. I would add to that list the nature of my exercise program and the fact of my aging. My last choice would have been my thoughts, until I was told the startling fact that the original flexibility of my body is still there, but for my...
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Throwing the Knuckleball - Jacqueline O'Doherty

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Friday, February 14, 2014

This past week, my husband and I saw the movie Knuckleball. This documentary follows the careers of R.A. Dickey and Tim Wakefield, both professional baseball players, both knuckleball pitchers.

It occurred to me that the knuckleball just might be another useful metaphor for the inside-out truth we live in.

For those of you who, like me, know very little about baseball, the knuckleball is a pitch in which the ball is thrown in a very counter-intuitive way. The pitcher's knuckles or finger tips grip the ball and release it directly from the hand, minimizing spin, and causing the ball to look like it's pretty much defying the laws of physics.

A properly thrown knuckleball is disorienting to the batter because it flies much slower than other pitches, and can flutter or change direction in mid-flight, even just as it's about to cross the plate.

The science behind this is fascinating! Once it leaves the hand of the pitcher, the lack of spin causes the stitching of the ball to inter-play with the air current around it, making it move very unpredictably, and yet accurately enough to fool a batter into swinging at it. …And it’s the most...

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