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Real Principles For Real Change

The Myth of Self Development - Dean Rees Evans

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Friday, March 28, 2014

How many times a week do we hear people saying that they need to work on some aspect of themselves; fix something; make something better; grow as a person?

In the context of developing new skills, such as a new language, learning a certain aspect of history, or choosing a new career path that requires adaptability, these all make sense in developing our understanding of the world.

However, when it comes down to us thinking that we need to become a better person, as opposed to developing new skills, we come unstuck. Subsequently we can end up spending a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money in the pursuit of this ‘better person’ we hope to become.

What is interesting to note is that most people usually feel they could be a better person, not because it is a natural desire, but because someone else suggested to them, at some point in their lives that they weren’t good enough just the way they were. Often leaving them with an unconscious feeling of inadequacy, born of the repeated thought that they are not good enough and need to be better in some way. Hence, the constant drama of continually needing to work on oneself without any real...

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The Three Principles and Decision-making

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Friday, March 21, 2014

For years as a consultant, I was called by clients to help them with important decisions. My approach before and after I awakened to The Principles was truly like night and day.

In the dark night before an understanding of The Principles began to unfold for me, I was an expert at analysis, but I had no idea when to stop or how to draw a conclusion from all the data I accumulated. I was very good at sorting out good information from bad and making meaningful lists of pros and cons as well as delineating important questions to consider. But then what? Decision making was as much as a gamble for me as it was for my clients. The more committed I was to thoroughly thinking things through, the more I was able to come up with an equally strong "pro" for every "con". At some point I'd just call it quits and mentally toss a coin.

With the dawn of The Principles, I had the realization that any decision someone was 100% behind would work for them as long as they were looking at it with a clear mind and felt inspired to move in a certain direction. I saw that insight and inspiration were more important than the...

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The Spiritual Facts … and Parenting - Ami Chen Mills-Naim

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Friday, March 14, 2014

For me, those Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, first articulated by Sydney Banks, represent simple, spiritual facts—or psycho-spiritual facts.

They connect the psychological world, the mental world, to the spiritual world, to the formless source of all thought, of all mental activity, and of identity itself.

While, inevitably, concepts and ideas and formulations of words arise within training programs, or within the 3P movement itself (as in any movement)—nonetheless, the Principles remain as the creators of all of that. Untouched. Neutral. Beyond and before any word or concept. A living truth that cannot be owned, cannot be held, remembered, written down.

So what does one do when one begins to understand the facts? For me, life itself becomes the teacher, and provides the curriculum. It is to life, to existence, that we “apply” any understanding of the Principles. Life itself moves us ever closer—if we are willing—to the source of who we are, of what we think, and of our reality. Our teaching, if we teach, becomes our unique expression of what life has revealed...

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Insanity is an Equal Opportunities Experience - Chantal Burns

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Friday, March 7, 2014

(The definition of Sanity  = soundness and health of the human mind)

Since I started learning about the Principles, my view of mental health has changed so much. This is my attempt at sharing something I’ve realised, which has been very helpful.

Imagine that mental health is on a line or continuum. At one end is what a mental health professional might describe as healthy mental functioning where you are labelled as sane. At the other end is unhealthy mental functioning, where you’d be labelled as insane.  The questions that professionals in the field continue to grapple with is "what determines our position on that continuum?  What is it that moves us in one direction or the other and determines how long we stay in any one place?”.

If you’d have asked me those questions five years ago, I would have said genetics, past experiences, brain chemistry, life’s circumstances. But since I began seeing how thought and experience works, I realise how easily each of us moves in and out of sanity every day. We are all the same in that respect.

As Sydney Banks...

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