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Real Principles For Real Change

Showing People the Newness of the Principles By Dr. George Pransky

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Let’s face it, most human beings don’t like “new”. They don’t mind, “it’s the same with a few differences” and they are okay with “variations on a theme”. But “new” equals resistance!

This is why it took over 20 years for computers to become mainstream after their inception, 30 years for washing one’s hands and sterilizing instruments to become standard medical practices after the discovery of germ theory, and 50 years for the British Navy to issue limes after it was discovered that citric fruits prevent scurvy. 

People that discover the principles are sometimes shocked that it’s been over 30 years since Syd Banks uncovered the principles, yet they are not mainstream. It’s not at all surprising because of people’s resistance to something new. 


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Sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought by Elsie Spittle and George Pransky in collaboration with Three Principle Practitioners

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Based on the direct teachings of Sydney Banks

The purpose of this document is to offer what we learned from Sydney Banks about how to effectively share our understanding of the Three Principles.

This document is not about the Principles themselves, but exclusively about guidance for sharing the Principles.

Sydney Banks was an ordinary working man who had a spontaneous and profound spiritual experience in 1973. He uncovered the Three Principles that underlie the human experience. These Principles offer the world unparalleled hope and guidance in understanding human psychological functioning and how to foster permanent and positive change.

Shortly after his epiphany, the extraordinary...

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The Spiritual Lost and Found - George Pransky

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Imagine that you had a friend that was the ultimate handyman, the fixer-upper. He appeared to have an infinite knowledge of mechanical matters. So you go through your life running up against mechanical issues that are not of concern to you because you know you can always call your buddy. Because you're not ultimately concerned about mechanical matters, you calm down and address these problems as best you can. In most cases you are successful because you have your wits about you as you use the intelligence that comes to mind. Seldom do you have to call your friend because you learn for yourself.

Now imagine that your friend is no longer around.You come up with a mechanical problem and think, "What if I can't fix this! I can't get the answer from my friend." Now you start to worry about whether you can fix it. You feel like you're up against it because you don't have a backup resource. You feel the self-imposed pressure and it interferes with your attempts to fix things.

You know what I'm getting at here! Universal Mind is like your buddy but infinitely more intelligent. When you truly understand that intelligence is available to you whenever you need it,...

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Anybody Can Do the Splits: Mind Over Matter - George Pransky

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A trusted physical therapist once told me that anybody under a general anesthesia can do the splits and other body contortions usually restricted to yogis. You can take an anesthetized person’s body and twist it any which way you want even though that person might normally not even be able to touch their toes. 
The discrepancy between the conscious person’s flexibility and the anesthetized person’s flexibility illustrates to me the power of thought. The anesthesia simply takes the limitations of conscious thought off the table and lets the natural thought processes inform the body. This discrepancy also reminded me of what little understanding we have about how thought limits us as it poses as "reality". It had previously seemed certain to me that the flexibility limitations of my body had to do with past body abuses, the anatomy of my muscles, and, of course, genetics. I would add to that list the nature of my exercise program and the fact of my aging. My last choice would have been my thoughts, until I was told the startling fact that the original flexibility of my body is still there, but for my...
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Is Perception Really Reality? - George Pransky

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Friday, January 10, 2014

It certainly is reality. Perceptions come from our thoughts and our thoughts create our subjective reality - the only reality we could ever know. What we perceive has to be real to us because it's the only information we receive about life. Thinking is our sole source of our experience.

That being said, perception isn't really reality because it's not ultimately real. It is just a temporary perception brought to us by our thinking and made to look real via consciousness. Our subjective "reality" is illusory by nature. It is transient. It is made up of our thoughts at a given moment. Show me 10,000 people and I'll show you 10,000 different subjective realities, however slight the differences may be. How could we say that each of them is "real"?

This discussion suggests the existence of a deeper reality. This deeper reality is invisible, formless, and before the fact of life as we know it. We think of this as real because it is a constant. It is always there and it is always the source of life for us human beings. We talk about this reality as Universal Consciousness, Universal Thought and Universal Mind. This is the true reality that we can't touch or even...

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