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Real Principles For Real Change

Judy Sedgeman - The Three Principles

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Everything I blog is grounded in the Three Principles of Mind. Thought and Consciousness. Sometimes, it seems we don’t take time to reflect on the significance of this, that there are Principles that offer deep logic to our recognition that innate mental health is a spiritual quality, the pure formlessness of the creative power that empowers life.

We can think about the spiritual, but because it is BEFORE thought, before we create form in our minds to explain it, we cannot ever truly define it. We can only observe spiritual power after the fact, as we use our power to think our way through life and realize, more and more, that power is within us. We don’t need to seek it outside ourselves, or look for others to provide it. It is...

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Is It Easy To Be Happy? - Judith Sedgeman

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Recently I saw a new client who sobbed at the outset, “I don’t see how I will ever be happy again!” An hour later, as she left, she was laughing. “I’ve sure been a big drama queen with all that serious thinking, haven’t I?” she said.

How does a shift like that happen? In the simplest terms, it is the natural outcome of what Principles practitioners do that is new to treatment. We don’t take unhappiness seriously. We point people to the true, constant, unfailing, spiritual source of human happiness that nothing can touch. We teach people what mental well-being is, and where it comes from, and how we lose and regain...

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What's Wrong With Me - Judy Sedgman

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Friday, October 3, 2014

WHATS WRONG WITH ME? By Judith Sedgman

Since I have begun seeing clients one on one as a Mental Health Mentor, the most frequent questions they ask in the first session are “whats wrong with me? How did this happen? Why can’t anyone explain to me what happened to my mind? For the most part, they’ve had a lot of therapy. And they’ve been given diagnoses. But  diagnoses do not =explain. Diagnoses describe and label symptom sets. What’s eating at people are the WHY? questions. Why can’t I just be OK again? How did I go wrong? How do people get chemical  imbalances? How come I have it and my siblings don’t?

What is so humbling and thrilling to me is that I can answer their questions with a clear,  simple,  logical explanation that puts their minds to rest. I remember when I was struggling  with depression and I...

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The Three Principles and Stress - Judy sedgeman

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Friday, January 17, 2014

The moldy old notion that a little stress is good for you has shriveled and died under the bright light of science. No stress that is not a brief and appropriate response to a real need for action is ever good for anyone. Period. Science in the past decade has shown that conclusively. No argument. Stress underlies the chronic diseases that are overwhelming our health system and destroying the quality of middle and late life.

The anti-stress movement today is much like the anti-smoking movement of the 20th century. In 1964, the US Surgeon General's report that conclusively linked smoking with lung cancer and other diseases was issued. At that time, the majority of people smoked. Smoking was common in all public spaces, including college classrooms, restaurants and airplanes, not to mention hospitals and libraries. It was not only socially acceptable, but portrayed in movies as socially desirable and sophisticated. It took at least a generation for public opinion to catch up with the Surgeon General so that smoking gradually disappeared from public life and fewer and fewer people defended or took up the habit. In the first years, it felt like smoking...

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Who Knows? - Judy Sedgeman

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Friday, September 20, 2013

I still chuckle when I think of the old joke about the teacher who asked her class to name the three greatest inventions of mankind. They named the wheel, the combustion engine, and then a young boy called out, "The Thermos!"

The teacher was taken aback. "The Thermos? Why?"

The boy responded, "Because, when you put hot stuff in it, it keeps it hot, and when you put cold stuff in it, it keeps it cold. It's a great invention because it KNOWS."

Hot or Cold?

In the random way thinking works, I thought of that joke during one of the times George Pransky was speaking at the...

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Moment of Truth - Judy Sedgeman

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Friday, June 7, 2013

One day recently while I was eating lunch in a college cafeteria, a woman I had never met asked if she could sit at my table. She introduced herself as a psychologist who works with students. I told her I also have been a mental health educator for students.

“What method do you use?” she asked.

“You may not have heard of it. Innate Health. We teach people the fundamental source of mental well-being, described by the Principles that explain how our minds work.”

“I never heard of it,” she said. “I have studied all the evidence-based methods. I guess yours is not really mainstream, then.”

“It isn’t widely studied, but there are a considerable number of practitioners around the world. It is both a therapy and a prevention strategy because once people understand how their minds work, they do not fall prey to their most frightening thoughts.”

I described the Principles briefly, explaining that they point to a deeper, spiritual origin of our capacity to experience life....

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