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Real Principles For Real Change

The Spiritual Facts … and Parenting - Ami Chen Mills-Naim

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Friday, March 14, 2014

For me, those Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, first articulated by Sydney Banks, represent simple, spiritual facts—or psycho-spiritual facts.

They connect the psychological world, the mental world, to the spiritual world, to the formless source of all thought, of all mental activity, and of identity itself.

While, inevitably, concepts and ideas and formulations of words arise within training programs, or within the 3P movement itself (as in any movement)—nonetheless, the Principles remain as the creators of all of that. Untouched. Neutral. Beyond and before any word or concept. A living truth that cannot be owned, cannot be held, remembered, written down.

So what does one do when one begins to understand the facts? For me, life itself becomes the teacher, and provides the curriculum. It is to life, to existence, that we “apply” any understanding of the Principles. Life itself moves us ever closer—if we are willing—to the source of who we are, of what we think, and of our reality. Our teaching, if we teach, becomes our unique expression of what life has revealed...

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Parenting from the Principles - Terry Rubenstein

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

How would I parent without an understanding of the nature of thought and experience? I have no idea -but what I do know is that I well up with gratitude for the little I have learnt that has allowed me to absolutely love and treasure my six boys and the everyday gift of being their mother.

My boys are aged 2 , 10,11 ,14,16 ad 17. Each one at different times is going through different experiences and challenges in negotiating their way through the maze of the human experience. At times for each one it can be more intense or more graceful depending on their state of mind and quality of thinking. I as their mother watch in awe and humility as I see 6 beautiful, capable and resourceful souls coming in and out of wisdom and common sense and occasionally dipping into frustration and despair. How perfect they seem in context of the knowledge I have of the wholeness of each one. How strong and resilient they seem in the knowledge of their innate wisdom and spiritual core. How much faith I have in the buoyancy of their health to bring them back to their true selves even in the midst of their...

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Parenting Is Too Important to be Taken Seriously

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Role modeling provides the most influence in child rearing.  As sensible human beings, our children pay more attention to what we do than what we say. They know that people’s behavior tells you what they believe in.

How we are in life tells our children what is “realistic”. If we are lighthearted and easy-going, our children see that as realistic in life. If we are grim and serious they conclude that that is the nature of life.

We would do well to remember that 100% of our children's observations of us are when we are with them. We might be happy and lighthearted when we're not with them; but if we are stressed and serious around them, then that is the role model that they see.

Any parent that gains an understanding of The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness will become more resilient as a parent. Children will pick up on this resilience and head in that direction themselves. All we have to see is that any feelings of stress and unhappiness are just our momentary thoughts translated into a feeling. If we see that it is in the nature of thought to be...

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