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Real Principles For Real Change

First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious - Cherie Ray, MLA

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious

Recently I noticed that when I considered following a new idea or inspiration about my business, some very familiar thinking would show up almost instantly.  I also began to notice the same dynamic kicked-in when considering the holidays or thinking about other things in my life.  

What I noticed was a flood of very real familiar thinking, very specific to the topic at hand, would show up in my mental conversation.  This immediate-believable-absolute-feeling-seemingly-truthful flavored thinking showed up almost on que to tell me the truth about how life works. 

As I noticed this dynamic happening more and more, these thought patterns occurred to me as my First Responders.  Just like emergency first responders that show up on the scene to support us in times of need, these familiar...

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Summer Like a Kid - Cherie Ray, MLA

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Have you played outside?  It’s summer!  What’cha waiting on?

Recently, I was sitting at an airport waiting for my luggage to arrive… on the NEXT flight.  My bags weren’t loaded onto my plane.  As I waited, it occurred to me that I could sit and seethe about this inconvenience or I could see what else was available to me. As I found a place to use my $10 inconvenience meal voucher, I settled in to wait. To be transparent, waiting is not my strong suit!

While I waited, I started noticing how many families were moving through the airport. There were kids of every age, shape, and size. I also noticed how distinctly different the experience of moving through the airport was for the adults versus the kiddos.  This got me interested in observing kids.  Since this felt so fresh and new, I was intrigued.  As I watched a big population of passing kids, I observed:

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There’s The List, and Then There’s Living - Annika Hurwitt

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Friday, April 4, 2014

I was speaking with a client the other day, who complained of feeling constantly under pressure.  She’s an educational consultant who travels for work, and is always trying to find a balance between her home and work life. 

I asked her about this sense of pressure.  She said that she works off a to-do list, and it’s always in the back of her mind.  She even schedules time with her husband and children this way.  She feels pressured to get through the list on a daily basis.  

How do to-do lists become problematic?  Aren’t they supposed to help us be more efficient and achieve our goals?  Yes, they are, and they often do.  It’s a question of whether you run the list or the list runs you.

When you’re living in the present, you get good ideas about life, including what to put on your list.  Once you’ve written these things down, however, they’re yesterday’s good ideas.  If you let them go and return to the present, you’ll know when to refer to your list without a sense of pressure.  You’ll also...

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The Three Principles: A Lifestyle? - Sandy Krot

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Friday, November 23, 2012

A dear friend of mine, who has been sharing The Three Principles with the world since the late 1970’s, once taught me what a principle was – in scientific terms.  Since he graduated from Cal Tech with a degree in Applied Chemistry, I felt he had some credibility in this area.  My friend said that there were three criteria for something to be considered a principle.  A principle must be explanatory, predictive, and always true.  The Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks certainly meet all these criteria. 

Mind, Consciousness and Thought explain the source of our mental life and predict its consequences. The Principles predict how each of us acknowledges and responds to existence.  Mind is the energy of all things whether in form or formless.  Thought is always creating mental activity from within.  Consciousness is always allowing us to live in the feeling of our thinking.

To have scientific principles in the realm of human consciousness is game-changing. Unfortunately, because of innocent misunderstanding, I...

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Three Universal Principles Explain the Thinking Process - Dr. Judy Sedgeman

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Three universal principles explain the thinking process: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.  Simply put, Mind is the energy of life -- the fact that we are alive. Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy. Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. In other words, we are born thinking.  We think our way through life.  We see life through our thoughts as we go.  And the quality of our thinking -- how we see things moment-to-moment -- determines the quality of our lives. 

Awakening to those Three Principles sets people free from attachment to the contents of any particular thinking with the knowledge that thoughts naturally come and go. It frees people to see their state of mind, their felt response to perceived reality, as an indicator of the moment-to-moment quality of their thinking. A stressed or negative feeling state or state of mind produces a low mood and increasing tension, a feeling of insecurity, or dis-ease. That feeling warns us to allow our thinking to quiet. As people learn to trust their state of mind as a guide through life, they catch themselves earlier and...

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Finding Truth in the Weekend Paper - Mary Martin

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

This morning I was meandering through the newspaper in a semi-conscious weekend-morning state, waiting for my coffee to be ready. I was close to finishing the second section, wondering why I persist in this ritual every day when so many of the articles highlight everything that’s wrong, inadequate, hurtful, sad and scary in the world today. Then I came upon the Op-Ed page and a Colorado Voices piece by a man named John Walsh entitled “Sometimes, Colorado Purrs”. Hmmm - to read or not to read? I poured my coffee and sat back down where the paper was still open to this page, drawn to the byline that said Mr Walsh taught deaf and hard of hearing children in the public schools. I eased into the first paragraph, figuring I’d probably bail after a few sentences - but instead I kept being drawn into this little oasis of a piece of writing in which there was a captivating juxtaposition of beautiful imagery and petty human thoughts of annoyance. Walsh was complaining about other peoples’ pathetic driving habits in and a frustrating traffic obstruction one moment and then, in the next, about the actual obstruction -which happened to be a little kitten...

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How to Talk to Kids about the Principles (without all the big words) - Erika Bugbee

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids learn everything faster than we do, and learning about the way our thinking works seems to be no exception. Sometimes the biggest obstacle for parents in sharing the principles is that they think they have to use words like ‘principles’ and ‘consciousness.’ But just like us, kids live in their own thinking all day long too, and have plenty of moments when they’ve registered on the fact that it can be illusory and misleading, so they have their own first-hand experience and it doesn’t involve big academic terms. If we can have a conversation that’s human and down-to-earth, kids seem to appreciate someone connecting the dots. As a parent, I’ve found myself pointing to the invisible forces that are happening inside of us because there’s times when I know it will help my kids make sense of life when they’re having a hard time. I’ll give an example that happened a few days ago with my daughter.

Here’s the scenario: my 7-year-old got out of bed twice one night after I tucked her in – once to get a Band-aid for a hangnail, and once because she remembered she’d left her coat on the...

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