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Real Principles For Real Change

" De Slagersdochters" and "InfoMarketeers"
Soest, Netherlands
http://www.3principles.nl; www.deslagersdochters.nl; www.infomarketeers.nl
About Practice:
The 3P’s are totally new to The Netherlands. As far as I know me and just one other person (whom I work with) teach the Principles in their pure form without mixing it with other techniques. We are pioneering and finding our way in making the Principles known in our country via different routes. With my colleague we founded “De Slagersdochters”. We do a weekly radioshow on happiness where we teach the Principles. The business I earn my living with is Infomarketeers, which is aimed at teaching solo entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Since 2014 I teach the Principles as a business necessity because I know it is the game-changer. I do 3-day 3P trainings, online 3P courses, groupcoaching/mentoring and one-on-one coaching over the phone. My book on marketing will come out in September; my grounding is woven through the book and the last chapter is totally 3P.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Weekly internet radioshow, Weekly Podcast on iTunes (http://tinyurl.com/hs4pdhr)
Years Teaching: 2

BA in Business Administration, MA in child psychology/learning problems

Training Summary
One Thought Institute - practicioner training
2-day training in Oslo with Linda & George Pransky
2-day training in Edinburgh with Elsie Spittle & Chip Chipman

Online courses:
"Insight" and "Insight for Relationships" with Pransky & Associates
"Inside Out" and "Living from Mind" with Michael Neill

Special Interests
Entrepreneurship, relationships