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Real Principles For Real Change

The Thought Business Ltd.
Meysey Hampton, Glos, United Kingdom
About Practice:
You will find The Thought Business coaching is different from anything you have seen before.
I’m Martin Croft, I listen to people, we take time to look in a different direction and people wake up to a new truth and they observe their lives and businesses transform in front of them.
I love my job!

People from all walks of life engage in the conversation for a whole world of reasons.
The Thought Business coaching is individually crafted around people who would like to see a different perspective to their life or their business. I have not found a situation where this does not have an application, neither will you!
If you have got this far, I'm guessing you are looking for something different - if this is the case, drop me a line and tell me why.... what is your why?
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations, Face to Face, Long Term, Intensive, Training.
Years Teaching: 6

I'm an Engineer and senior change manager working in industry for 39 years. I'm qualified in mechanical, electronics engineering and micro computing leading product development and customer engagement in many different industry sectors including Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive and Entertainment. Latterly in industry, I worked as a project and program manager and Change and Transformation manager helping business with significant business change. 

I'm a digital Six sigma green belt but now use all I know about how the human mind works to make it make sense of all business and personal challenges.

My education continues with the deeper understanding of the principles and how to make it useful to people in all situations.

Training Summary
Living from the inside out from Michael Neill, Coaching from the inside out from Michael Neill, Building a successful 3P coaching Practice, Michael Neill's Supercoach academy, Principles in Business with Cheryl Bond.

Special Interests
Business, Family and Personal relationships, Executive Relationships, Business Relationships, 
Goals and achievement,
Entrepreneurs and business start up.
Business change, Business transition and business improvement. 
Employee engagement and behavioural change. 
Stress, Wellbeing, Fear, Worry, 
Depression, Confidence.
Mental Health