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Real Principles For Real Change

Jumping the Boundaries of Time - Sydney Banks

Part 4 of this 4 part lecture series with Sydney Banks (Syd Banks)

Blog Comment
Posted 3/31/2013 at 8:48 PM
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so generous and uploading 4 beautiful videos of Sydney Banks. I really enjoyed this part especially. It was so beautiful. Of course there were a lot of beautiful things he said, but I loved the part about forgiveness, hope, seeing new in people you work with or live with and also helping others. And I also love the last part where he says God willing we might see each other next time. It was very touching. Thank you so much once again for posting these videos. I have been following a spiritual path for 20 something years and I thought and still sometimes think I know a lot but after watching this video and many other 3P videos I feel there is so much I don't know. There is so much to learn. God bless you guys, you guys are doing a wonderful service for humanity and I just can't stop thanking you guys. I am very grateful.
Blog Comment
Mark Abrahams
Posted 4/8/2013 at 7:05 AM

When people go from the form to the formless, they find solutions ... simple.
As people return to the form with the answer, so helping themselves in order to better understand their experience, so may they begin to help humanity ... walking through this world with a clear, open mind ... willing to help other people they meet, helping to apply sustainable solutions.

Mind, on it's own, is neutral
Consciousness, on it's own, is neutral
Thought, on it's own, is neutral
The tangible, practical action thing and thinking is up to each of us (just as it is up to me) to select the form we individually create via the three elements ... creating our separate realities ... effortlessly evolving, linked via our collective Consciousness, Thought and Mind, sharing the results of our better and improving understanding.

My thanks are sent to all at and who are connected via 3PGC and to all enlightened individuals - those of us who are beginning to SEE as Syd Banks SAW and so self-lessly shared.
Given that humility is where humility isn't ... and that we can avoid following other than pure clarity of mind, natural wisdom released via us, individually yet linked, before the contamination of thought, we may know and share that it's not an intellectual thing ... it is a feeling.

Teaching and preaching and coaching may well result in a feeling ... yet only as I feel, via an insight realized, that 'I have touched my wisdom' or that 'common sense has come to mind' does my thinking become tranquil, as I find myself in the state of natural meditation, finding wisdom of the timeless zone.

As I continue the beautiful journey, I offer hope to people that they, too, may realize that they are well, that things are always OK and that they are also in the timeless zone right now, even though they may not know it ... as yet.
Blog Comment
Posted 2/13/2015 at 4:10 PM
Is there anyway to fix the volume? I can't hear a word! unless I stop everything I'm doing and listen super intently, and even then I can barely hear it. I have a newer laptop so I don't think its my computer. If there is any way to turn up the volume on the recording that would be great!


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