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* Please be sure that you meet the criteria listed at the bottom of this page before registering as a practitioner.

Read the 3PGC Principles-Based Practitioner Philosophy

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By agreeing to be listed as a practitioner on the 3PGC.org website, I am affirming that I meet the following criteria:

  • I teach The Three Principles exclusively in my work in improving the mental well­being of my clients, and have been doing so for a minimum of two years;
  • I routinely refer to Sydney Banks as a primary source in my work and recommend his books and recordings to my clients;
  • I agree to commit both my time and financial support to 3PGC. Accordingly, I will provide content (e.g. blogs, podcasts, Q&A, articles) for publication on the website from time to time, or periodically volunteer in some other (planning, organizing, administrative) capacity. Additionally, I will contribute financially to 3PGC annually in accordance with the suggested practitioner donation policy ($250-2500 per year).