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Recordings available!

In case you missed it, the 3PGC hosted a Practitioner’s Event November 13 – 15 and it was magical!  It was different from previous conferences. It was interactive and had the most diverse panels ever assembled by the 3PGC.  Practitioners ranging from new or returning members of the 3PGC community were mixed with many of the seasoned people that you have come to know and love, working together to discuss social justice, diversity, and exciting new Three Principles community projects.  The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.  Feedback included that it was fresh, inclusive, and intimate, in spite of being on the Zoom format with hundreds of people joining in. The discussion and reflections got deeper and deeper over the three days.

We loved it so much we wanted  to make it available to those that may have missed it.  We also wanted to make it easy for anyone to afford. We have set it up so you can choose your price between $10 and $75, whatever you feel you can afford.  You will get access to all the recorded weekend sessions, including both the American and European sessions for a truly global experience. We hope you find it as touching and rich as we did.


Apprentice Practitioner Program!

“I have just signed up for the Apprentice program and have spent a couple of hours watching some of the vidoes – which was like taking the elevator to the top floor of the building – great view, great feeling and sense of awe.

Are you interested in the materials and support the 3PGC provides its registered practitioners, but you do not yet meet the criteria? We have been listening and we have made it possible for new and aspiring practitioners to gain access to our practitioner materials and live support for your professional development.  Learn more and download the application here.


Welcome to the Three Principles Global website. You will notice that there are a lot of free materials to be found here; videos, webinars, podcasts, and blogs. No need to be overwhelmed by having so many choices. We encourage you to look through the material and then trust your own wisdom as to what speaks to you at the time. There is no right order to go in or no best starting point other than what makes most sense to you. Please enjoy your explorations!

The Three Principles Global Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are grateful for any and all financial contributions.

Would you like to make all your Amazon purchases work for good?  If you click the button below when making a purchase, Amazon smile will donate .5% of your order to Understanding the Human Experience (DBA The Three Principles Global Community)  And you can make Understanding the Human Experience your non-profit of choice once you are in your Amazon account.  Thank you for considering this, we appreciate your support and  generosity.

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