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Real Principles For Real Change

Aaron Turner
3 Principles Professional Institute
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
About Practice:
Our practice is focussed on 2 things
1: Showing businesses the relevance of the principles to everything they are doing and giving them the understanding that allows them to unlock a greater potential for performance, energy and engagement. This then becomes an accepted and incorporated part of the way they do business. These businesses then lead the way in their resective fields.
2: Train and develop practitioners by helping them see the foundations of impactful princniple based practice
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 12

PhD and MSc from Brunel University. 1st class BSc econ from Swansea University undergraduate degree

Training Summary
A student of The Principles since around 1988 sitting in on trainings at Pransky and Associates most summers until becoming an intern at Pransky and Associates in 2000 working there as a consultant, counsellor, senior consultant and C.E.O until 2010. During that time I have attended and sat in on trainings by all the Pransky and associates staff, Cathy Casey, Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle and was certified by Sydney Banks after attending his school. I have attended Syd's lectures and conferences and been lucky enough to spend time with him in smaller groups.

Special Interests
I have 2 main areas of interest
1: The relevance of The Principles in a business environment.
2: Training and developing principle based practitioners