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Real Principles For Real Change

Life Vision AB
Boras, Sweden
(463) 314-0070
About Practice:
Love to see the light start to shine in peoples eyes as they realize how life truly work.
My specialty is connecting the principles to the bottom line of business and performance and having fun doing it.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 10

Electrical Engineering, Teknis Sweden -84, University of South Florida -87
Trainer of NLP & DHE, Dr. Richard Bandler
Professional golf player (European Champion - 86, Played on the European Tour - 97)

Training Summary
2 years coaching with Michael Neill
Mentored by Dr. Aaron Turner
3 day with Keith Blevens
Coaching session with Dr. George Pransky and Linda Pransky
Supercoach Academy
2 times at Tikun Innate Health Conference

Special Interests
Most of my clients are business leaders and professional athletes, but that expertise on how to get the best out of oneself translates really well to the private life of anybody.