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Real Principles For Real Change

Craig Wyman
Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia
About Practice:
I experienced much struggle in the workplace, in my prior career in consulting, management and fundraising. I got results, but at a high cost to health and quality of life. I over-worked, over-thought and relied on personal effort and pushing. Naturally, I experienced stress, anxiety, interpersonal friction and had difficulty managing teams from the shaky ground of a fundamentally flawed operating system - the world looked outside in.
It's a gift to have since seen the inside-out nature of life and its profound implications for business and working life, and to be able to point business leaders and teams to their own realisations about how the mind works, for a whole lot more love, enjoyment and results from less effort.
Practice Types:
Years Teaching: 3

B.Arts (Japanese), B.Com (Marketing, Management)

Training Summary
Invisible Power: Principles Behind Personal Capacity & Power of the Principles in Business practitioner training, Insight Principles Institute with Robin Charbit & Ken Manning
Mentoring with Dean Rees-Evans
Three Principles Australia Collective with James Brett, Dean Rees-Evans, Luke Gooding and the late David Bodman
Coaching From The Inside Out, Living from the Inside Out, Living From Mind with Michael Neill

Special Interests
Business Leadership, Organisational Performance and Problem Solving, Executive Health, Leadership and Entrepreneur Retreats.