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Real Principles For Real Change

James Brett
Inspire Yourself Now - Coaching from the Inside Out
Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia
About Practice:
James has always been fascinated about how we can be at our best more often and has been a life time seeker in the field of understanding and unleashing human potential. He’s worked across Europe and Asia Pacific in client management, sales, marketing, training and coaching roles.

Over the last four years he’s continued to deepen his own grounding, training in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with a range of coaches and facilitators who look solely in this direction. He now coaches and facilitates solely from a principles and inside ---> out paradigm perspective. He’s so excited to share this understanding in Australia and assist others to unlock their full potential.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars
Years Teaching: 5

BSc (Hons) in Management Studies

Life Coaching Diploma - Achievement Specialists
Coaching Mastery - The Coaching Room
Coaching Genius - The Coaching Room
Neuro Semantics NLP Practitioner

Training Summary
Insight Principles - Preliminary and Advanced training - Dr Ken Manning and Robin Charbitt 2017 and 2018
Australian Three Principles Collective - Dean Rees Evans, Craig Wyman, Luke Gooding and the late David Bodmin
Sharing the Three Principles - Piers Thurston
Coaching from the Inside Out - Michael Neill
Facilitating and Coaching the Three Principles - Piers Thurston
Leadership from the Inside Out - Like Never Before
Sharing the understanding of the Three Principles - Piers Thurston
Three Principles Paradigm - Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe
Leadership from the Inside Out - Tanya Kennard Campbell

Special Interests
As well as coaching on an individual basis, I am also dedicated to advancing the impact of the Three Principles in business and education to improve performance and well being.