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Real Principles For Real Change

Jacquie Forde
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
About Practice:
Jacquie is based in Scotland but works globally. She teaches and mentors others with this understanding in the 3P community and the public and private sectors helping them understand how to live fully creating meaningful results in life and business to improve health and wellbeing.Prior to starting her own businesses Jacquie was a nurse and midwife and worked in sales, training and public affairs for several blue chip Pharmaceutical companies which gives her a unique blend of work experience in both the corporate and public sector. Since coming across the principles Jacquie has created several new business models to incorporate and deliver this understanding into the business and health sectors. Jacquie regularly campaigns for improvements to mental health training and service delivery in the UK and has held several meetings at the Scottish Parliament to discuss the principles with politicians and Health workers.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations, Women and Mental Health
Years Teaching: 10

Registered General Nurse
Registered Midwife
NLP Advanced Master Practitioner
NLP Trainer
Graduate of The One Thought Institute

Training Summary
General Self Study from Internet and Syd's Books and CD's
Ongoing virtual Learning with Michael Neill
2 Day Intensive with Michael Neill
Jamie Smart 2 day Course
Pranksy Online Insights Course 2014
One Thought Institute 10 Month extended Professional Practitioner Training 2014-2015
Innate Health Conference 2014 - Attended and Presented 2014
June 2014 : Creating The Impossible Online Course with Michael Neill
Presented at Tikun with Mara Gleason 2014
3PGC Global Conference - Attended and presented with Mara Gleason 2014
Continual Online and in person mentoring and training with 3 Principles Leaders
Faculty Supermind
Michael Neill Coaching from the Inside Out Virtual Course 2015
Creating the Impossible Small Group Training with Michael Neill to pilot launch of Open Course 2014
Innate Wellbeing Online 3P Training 2015
Pransky Relationships Online Course 2015
Audit of Jack Pransky Facilitator Training 2015
3P's in Business with Robin Charbit 2015
Speaker on Transforming Communities from The Inside Out 2015
Speaker at VIVA 3P event in Spain 2015
Faculty at Supermind Ongoing
One Year Study with Dr Mark Howard re Missing Link 2015/2016
5 week online course with Keith and Valda Blevens January/February 2016
Weekend In Person Course with Keith Blevens March 2016
Online Course with Elsie Spittle and Barb Patterson- Nuggets of Wisdom March/April 2016
Weekend Course in New York with Linda and Bill Pettit in May 2016
3 Day Course in Person with Keith and Valda Blevens May 2016
Virtual Auditor Ken Manning and Robin Charbit 3 day Course April 2016
Our Shared Humanity Webinar Serries March/April/May 2016
Presented at Innate Health Conference with George Pransky May 2016
Presented at 3PGC Conference in LA 2017

Special Interests
Women in Business, Women's Mental Health, Habits and addictions, Self Harming, Depression, Women in Relationships,Children's learning of this understanding ,Non Profits and Three Principles Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners wanting to deepen their spiritual understanding of the Principles.