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Real Principles For Real Change

3P Services
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(204) 783-7243
About Practice:
My passion for the Three Principles primarily includes sharing it with 1) businesses for improved performance, 2) communities for alleviation of suffering, and 3) individuals for improved wellbeing. I have shared the Principles in a variety of venues including:
• Fun "Illusion of Thought" 15-minute ice-breaker at a corporate conference
• B2C sales training
• Customer service training for call centre agents
• Innovation and behaviour change end-to-end training program for corporate trainers
• Weekly workshops/hangouts at a homeless shelter (beginning in 2014 and continuing today)
• SuperCoach mentorship
• Individual life-coaching discussions
• Guest speaker for Three Principles Meetup groups
• Guest speaker on the Neuroscience of Awareness radio show, the Center for Sustainable Change 2018 Telesummit, the Elements of Wellbeing series, the Hope for Addiction Using the 3 Principles series, and the Living a Gentler Life series
• 3P Services Facebook page
• Co-facilitator of the Three Principles Canada monthly webinar (with Karen Miller Williams)
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 4

My background started with a college degree in Travel and Tourism, followed by a 30 year career in the travel industry, with 20 of those years in roles focused on corporate training/coaching which included curriculum development, organizational development, communications, and project management for a large global travel company.

Training Summary
•Three Principles School with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman on Salt Spring Island, BC (Nov 2013, June 2016, June 2018)
•3PGC Conferences in Minneapolis and Los Angeles (Sep 2013, Sep 2014, Oct 2016)
•Michael Neill's 2014 SuperCoach Academy, including masterclasses with many of the longtime 3P practitioners (Jan-Sep 2014)
•Innate Health/Three Principles Conference in London UK (May 2014-live, May 2017-virtual)
•Michael Neill's Coaching from the Inside Out Self Study program (Oct 2014)
•Pransky & Associates online training programs - INSIGHT and INSIGHT for Relationships (Fall of 2015)
•Pransky & Associates Professional Training Retreat in La Conner WA (Feb 2016)
•OneSolution Conference - Virtual Track (May 2016)
•Get Outside and Deepen Inside 3P Retreat in Santa Ynez with Margot Smit and Jack Pransky (Nov 2016)
•Ease and Impact for Three Principles Groups - Live Webinar Series with Mark Howard (Aug-Dec 2016)
•OneSolution Conference - Cape Town, South Africa (Mar 2017)
•Leadership with Insight with Ken Manning & Robin Charbit - online version (Apr 2017)

Special Interests
• Business (with interest in corporate trainers, leaders, managers, sales)
• Community (with interest in the homeless and others suffering in community)
• Individual coaching