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Real Principles For Real Change

LK Coaching & Consultancy
London, United Kingdom
About Practice:
After spending a few years developing my skills and professional credentials as a coach and therapist I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Sydney Banks' simple yet profound articulation of the human experience. It was as if something I had always known deep down had been revealed to be.

In that moment, I insightfully realised that we really do have everything we need to thrive and to be happy and healthy, but we don’t know it. I see my job as helping people to evolve. And when we evolve, we gain more sight from a higher level of awareness and understanding. We have access to more wisdom, love and compassion. We become more resilient to what the game of life throws our way. We take action fearlessly. We create the results we want with less effort and more ease.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Business, Seminars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 2

8 GCSEs and 3 'A' levels
BA (hons) Town and County Planning
B.Pl Town and Country Planning
HPD Cognitive Hypnotherapy (no longer practicing)

Training Summary
Certified Clarity Training (completed June 2015)
Innate Wellbeing Practitioner (completed May 2016)
Additional Innate Wellbeing retreats delivered by Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe, Joe Bailey

I have also received mentoring from Dicken Bettinger. I have strong connections to many friends and practitioners in the 3 Principles community. And I am committed to continuing to deepen my understanding and to sharing the 3 Principles with the world.

Special Interests
I work with a local charity in a deprived neighbourhood of Central London to deliver accessible 3 Principles based health and wellbeing programmes.

I have a special interest in working with students and young graduates.

I love working with a variety of groups, whether in community settings, education, business or in the world of sport.