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Real Principles For Real Change

Kathy Marshall Emerson
National Resilinece Resource Center LLC
Fergus Falls, Minnesota, United States
(612) 554-0544
About Practice:
NRRC is dedicated to teaching the principles to tap natural resilience and well-being in youth, families and systems. NRRC primarily serves large community cohorts dedicated to systems change. Program evaluation with an n of 797 documents very high statistical significance on 97% of measures.

Services include training, presentations, keynotes, technical assistance; publication, evaluation, grant writing advisement. Limited charitable projects are occasionally undertaken. No counseling services are provided.

Marshall Emerson has authored articles for The Carter Center, University of Minnesota Center for Educational Research and Improvment, University of California Santa Cruz Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence with U.S. Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) and others.

NRRC Facilitators are highly experienced individuals with strong professional credentials and experience in education systems including school classroom teaching, administration, nursing, mental health, counseling, and social work. They have with decades of experience living and teaching the principles to children, youth,adults.
Practice Types:
Groups, Business, Seminars, Training and technical assistance for community coalitions, public and non-profit service agencies, education systems.
Years Teaching: 20+

M.A. University of Southern California
Additional doctoral courses, University of Southern California

Training Summary
1995 to date with instruction by nearly all of the seminal Three Principles teachers including Syd Banks, Roger Mills, George and Linda Pransky, and many others.

For more than 20 years affiliated with the University of Minnesota as Director of National Resilience Resource Center and also instructor of graduate courses including Spiritulaity and Resilience and therefore immersed in relevant research and practice supporting sound basis for development of Three Principles teaching.

Special Interests
A major empahsis is teaching coalitions and community teams of public agency, non-profit employees and other adults.
NRRC training is carefully grounded in current resilience, mental health and other relevant scientific research.
All NRRC efforts are continually evaluated to assure optimal effectiveness.

Additionally NRRC has a charitable mission of providing resources, support and information to individuals and organizations teaching the principles. The NRRC website is nationalresilienceresource.com . This is a major free massive public resource with directories to principles books and articles, research overviews on related resilience and complimentary science, evaluation outcomes on NRRC community based systems change projects and much more.