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Real Principles For Real Change

Life Coaching by Melissa
Deal, New Jersey, United States
(732) 208-4399
About Practice:
Since I began sharing the principles I have worked with people that suffer from extreme anxiety or panic attacks, people with depression, addictions, couples having marital issues, and people that just want to have a little more clarity in their lives. The one question my clients continually ask is, how is possible for us to accomplish in a 4 day intensive and some follow up, what years of therapy have not been able to accomplish? I just tell them no one ever pointed you to your own wisdom before.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 9

I Learned for 3 yrs with Rivkah Kromholtz. I completed the Three Principles Institute online course. I just completed an 18 month teachers training course with Sue Dayo. this included 3 one on one inetensives, as well as weekly phone calls. I have attended varios seminars, with Toby Waltzer, Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt, Aaron Turner, as well as online classes with George and Linda pransky, Dr. Bill Petit and various other 3 principle trainers.

Training Summary
I have trained and continue to train with various members of the 3 principles community. The more I see the principles for myself, the better I can share them with my clients.

Special Interests
Community, family, and business, children, tennagers