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Real Principles For Real Change

Meggan McQuillan, MA, LMFT
Both/And Resources
Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
(651) 366-9760
About Practice:
The majority of my clients are couples and individuals who have either been referred by former clients or have found me through the internet or insurance companies. When I am contacted by someone I spend some time explaining the way I work with people, giving an overview of the Three Principles. The far majority of these people become very interested and I hear hope in their voice. At that point we set up our first session and begin working together. Human beings want to know how they create the reality that they experience. When they are touched by the wisdom that flows through them they calm down and become engaged in life again. It is an honor and awe inspiring to travel this journey with clients.
I find that when used as the gift they truly are, the Three Principles are the vehicle for all healing.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples
Years Teaching: 4.5

University of Minnesota
BA in Psychology from Metropolitan State University
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from St Mary's University Twin Cities Graduate Programs

Training Summary
I had the opportunity to learn about the Three Principles during my graduate internship and then continued into my post-graduate training. Christine Heath, MS, LMFT was and continues to be my primary mentor. I have also attended numerous retreats and seminars hosted by Christine Heath, Judy Sedgeman, Elsie Spittle, Jan and Chip Chipman, and George and Linda Pransky. I never had the chance to meet Sydney Banks but continue to watch and listen to his DVDs and CDs as well as read his books. This continual journey of becoming who I truly am through an ever deepening understanding of Mind, Thought and Consciousness has been and is today the most remarkable and moving experience of my life.

Special Interests
First and foremost I enjoy working with anyone who is wanting to understand that their peace of mind flows through them moment to moment. My special interests are working with women who are experiencing insecurity and often act on that insecurity during major transitions in their lives, ie. illness, divorce, etc. Couples who are having relational difficulties are the other area that I have been most active and interested. Our significant relationships are a wonderful opportunity to see the function of thought and consciousness in our lives.