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Real Principles For Real Change

Michael Rosengren
Michael Rosengren, LMFT
Bakersfield, California, United States
(661) 345-1429
About Practice:
My approach is an entirely new and unique approach to counseling that is different from the current field of counseling. By teaching the 3 Principles of Innate Health which makes up healthy human psychological functioning it seems that individuals heal more quickly, sustain a secure mindset, and are able to navigate the ups and downs of life without being negatively affected by them. I believe in drawing out what is good in a person and not going through what is bad to get to the good. My focus is on the person's health and not on his "dis-ease".
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 13

Graduated from BIOLA University 1970 BA Social Science
Graduated from University of San Francisco 1979 MA Marriage,Family,and Child Counseling
Licensed by state of California Marriage and Family Therapist 1991.
Was an ordained minister for about 9 years.

Training Summary
My training started in 2000 when I started working with Steven Crouch @ Pine Meadow Counseling. At first I listened to tapes and watched videos on the 3 Prinicples. Also read many books which I shared with my clients. Then we went to our first training on the 3 Prinicples in San Jose, CA sponser by Santa Clara county 3 Principles Division. After that training, my understanding really evolved. I sometimes struggled with challenging counseling sessions and rejoiced with those who eventually got their "aha moment" and had insights into how their thoughts played a big part in their distress. During this time I participated in a phone conference with Chip and Elsie which was very helpful. We also attended another training in San Jose with some of our new therapists. We took our staff to George Patterson's home and Skyped in Joe Bailey for a training on Substance Abuse & the 3Ps. We had another training for the staff with Joe Bailey @ Steven's home. Joe was Skyped and we had a training on Children & the 3Ps. My last training was the crowning experience in my life. I was able to attend Syd Banks last public appearance in San Jose, CA. He was such an inspiration. And the interaction of so many people from all over the world was so wonderful. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn and grow. When I retired from Kern County Mental Health my team presented me a gift. It was a neat desk set with two pens and a clock. They had inscribed on it "Stay in your health." That was so wonderful and has become my motto for life.

Special Interests
I am interested in mentoring the 3 Principles on an individual basis using Skype.