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Real Principles For Real Change

Dr Margo Livingston
The Sanctuary
Blisworth, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
About Practice:
I have been facilitating three principles based understanding and intervention through health realisation for 2 years through my charity "The Sanctuary" aimed at helping those suffering from mental health issues, including addiction, to recover, gain hope and self-worth and realise mental health.I deliver weekly therapy sessions to small groups and individuals in recovery from addiction in two addiction centres in Northampton and, am part of the 6 weekly detox group therapy sessions in an addiction treatment centre, for those in primary detox. I also run private 3PI therapy from my home, a canal boat in the beautiful countryside, as well as offering a residential holistic private detox at my luxury villa in Southern Cyprus with daily 3PI therapy combined with physical and nutritional therapy.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations, Private detox retreats available in Southern Cyprus
Years Teaching: 3

Research Scientist - BSc Immunology; PhD Cancer Research; Specialist Advanced Nurse Practitioner; NLP Master Practitioner; Three Principles Interventionist; Secondary maths & science teacher (PGCE)

Training Summary
I have been living the three principles philosophy for 5 years. My mentors are Jan and Chip Chipman. I have read and have a library of all Syd's books, DVDs and CDs. I have attended Three Principles conferences in London, Salt Spring Island, France (run by Jan & Chip) and Scotland (Jack Pransky). I have written a fully referenced dissertation comparing 3PI to other methods of therapy such as CBT, positive psychology, mindfulness, 12-step programme. I am in the process of conducting primary research in collaboration with Tom Kelley, Three principles researcher, to prove the efficacy of three principles-based intervention as an important psychological tool for those suffering from mental health issues including addiction.

Special Interests
Addiction therapy
Holistic detox incorporating mind, body and soul
Personal trainer, Qi Gong instructor and healer
Nutritional consultant
Primary research proving efficacy of 3PI over other therapy methods
Advanced nurse practitioner with prescribing