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Real Principles For Real Change

Sandra Krot
Mount Vernon, Washington, United States
(360) 466-9154
About Practice:
My vision is to make the workplace a setting for creative performance as well as the elevation of the human spirit. I teach the 3 principles to business leaders and groups. Through an understanding of how the human mind works, people begin to see the power of working from a clear, alert, connected state of mind. They surface the wisdom in themselves and others and find they can accomplish goals and innovate consistently without wearing out. In fact, their work becomes energizing and a vehicle for sharing their best.
Practice Types:
Business, Seminars, Webinars
Years Teaching: 30+

BA from Bates College
MS from University of New Haven

Training Summary
I met Sydney Banks in 1981 and I have attended trainings in the 3 principles since that time - too numerous to mention. I founded and was the Executive Director of one of the first 3 principles clinics which was located in Tampa FL. I was involved in the earliest attempts to formulate an understanding of the principles into a working psychology and to train principle-based practitioners as a founding member of the first national faculty. I am certified by the Three Principles Foundation to teach the Three Principles as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. My education in the 3 principles continues to this day and hopefully every day of my life.

Special Interests
My interest is primarily in working in business with business leaders and work groups. I also wish to be of service to the 3 principles practitioner community.