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Real Principles For Real Change

Frauke Lisa Seidensticker
Seidensticker Coaching and Consulting
Berlin, Germany
About Practice:
Individual clients are of special interest to me, this is where I find it the easiest to introduce the principles explicity. I refer all my clients to principles literature and web based sources such as your page. Since 2017, I offer structured programs that combine three-principles-training and individual coaching.
In addition, I offer evaluations and other forms of organizational development to my institutional clients. Until 2010, I headed governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations in the field of human rights; from 2015 to 2017 I served as the Chairperson to the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Seminars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations, Consultancy (organizational development)
Years Teaching: 3

Post-Graduate Degree in Non-Profit Management (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Post-Graduate Degree in Human Rights (University of Geneva, Switzerland). Three certified Coaching Trainings:
. Certified Transformative CoachTM, certified by Michael Neill, Los Angeles
. Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™, certified by ISNLP
. Core Essentials Program Graduate, certified by CoachU Inc.
Numerous additional trainings in personal and organizational development

Training Summary
I attended the Supercoachacademy by Michael Neill in 2012 where I came in touch with the Three Principles. I deepened my understanding in a One-Year-Mentoring with Michael Neill 2013 and at present attend the Advanced Track of the Supercoachacademy Europe. I work with seasoned three-principles based coaches such as Erica Bugbee and I do regularly online trainings such as the Insight-Program by the Pranskys, online lectures and programs. I read and own a principles-related library of books.

Special Interests
Inter-Governmental Organizations such as the UN and the EU. Non-for-Profit-Organizations with a priority on human rights, good governance, gender, peace and dialogue. Quite a few institutional and individual clients of mine come from that field.