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Real Principles For Real Change

Stress Free Revolution
Palm Desert, California, United States
(860) 375-0446
About Practice:
My mission is to improve the emotional well-being of humanity, alleviate the suffering of people across the world and raise the global happiness levels.
3 Principles are so easy to understand and bring a sense of peace almost instantaneously to anyone who embraces them sincerely. I have seen this again and again in my seminars.
Recently, I conducted a 2-day seminar for Nursing Leaders at a Major Health Organization and everyone's life in that room was touched by the 3 Principles. Many people reported positive results. We are also doing research in our health care organization based on 3 Principles.

My goal is to create stress-free health care organizations
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 5

Physician - Internal Medicine (MD)
Masters in Public Health (MPH)
Diploma in Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)

Training Summary
I was first exposed to 3 Principles in 2007 while doing my Masters in Public Health at West Virginia University, Morgantown.
I took Innate Health and resiliency course taught by Professor Judith Sedgeman during my MPH. I was fascinated by the simplicity of the 3 Principles and deeply touched by the new understanding that dawned upon me.
I continued my study and exploration of the 3 Principles even after completing my Masters in Public Health.
I started sharing them with my physician colleagues and friends in the form of seminars and workshops. Soon, my work spread through word of mouth.

Special Interests
Health Professionals