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Real Principles For Real Change

The Principles Institute
Graested, Denmark
About Practice:
I believe that we all have tremendous potential for utilizing our mind, and this potential is experienced through our thinking. It’s very common for us to treat our thoughts as if they are real and important. Hence, it is often thought that stands between us utilizing our full potential. Believing our negative thinking can reduce our engagement, our clarity, our energy, our resourcefulness, our insightfulness and our direct access to our own unlimited potential.

By understanding how our mind works, it puts us in charge of our clarity of mind and wellbeing. I have seen over and over again the effects that people have when they get a glimpse of how their minds work, and the power that lies in looking in that direction. Understanding the principles behind our experiences allow us to become more effective, more content with what we do, healthier and happier than we ever thought possible.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations, Internet Consultations
Years Teaching: 4

I am a consultant specializing in coaching, leadership training, organizational change, communication and human processes. Self-employed since 1996, I have had widespread experience as a consultant on a managerial level and have been part of a range of successful changes in several organizations.

I am trained as a psychotherapist, qualified systemic consultant and I am a authorized user of numerous types of assessment tools. With an English father, I learned English from birth, and have taught in English in Denmark and abroad for many years.

My purpose for the work I do, is to help individuals and organizations see how they are creating their state of mind moment to moment. By gaining a deeper understanding of the the principles behind all experience, you can start to allow yourself to fall into a more helpful state of mind, such that we can do what is needed to utilize our full potential.

Training Summary
I have attended seminars with Michael Neill, Aaron Turner, Mara Gleeson, Kimberley Hare and have both been to and spoken at conferences around the world. I have attended many seminars with Dicken Bettinger and he has been my mentor. After writing the book Coming Home with Dicken I feel even more confident in sharing what I know.

Special Interests
Business and spiritual