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Real Principles For Real Change

Véronique Pivetta Coaching
Meigem, Belgium
About Practice:
I work with clients in person, over Zoom, and during 4 day residential retreats in Belgium and abroad.

I point to the principles that explain how our mind works and how our experience of life, our thoughts, ideas and emotions are created. This understanding allows my clients to feel more contentment, more joy and more well-being. Their relationships, performance at work and their ability to solve problems improve. Life becomes a lot easier and a lot more simple.

I had the great honor to speak at Tikun’s Innate Health Conference in June 2013 in London and at the Three Principles Global Community Conference in 2013 and 2014 in Minnesota.

I live in Belgium and coach in French, Dutch and English.
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Internet Consultations, 4 Day intensive retreats, International trainings
Years Teaching: 7

* Master in Eastern Languages and Cultures - University of Ghent, Belgium
* Master in General Management - Vlerick Business School, Belgium

Training Summary
* Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy 2012 (faculty George Pransky, Linda Pransky, Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason and others)
* Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy Advanced Track 2013 (faculty George Pransky, Linda Pransky, Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason, Keith Blevins, Valda Monroe, Bill Pettit and others)
* Michael Neill's Coaching from the inside-out (July 2012) - London
* 2-day training with Linda Pransky (July 2012) - Tikun London
* 7-day Immersion with George and Linda Pransky (Octobre 2012) - La Conner WA
* The Three Principles School with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman (November 2012) - Salt Spring Island Canada
* 6 Month Mentorship Program with George Pransky, Linda Pransky and Barbara Patterson (2013) - La Conner WA
* 7-day Residing in Wisdom Immersion with Elsie Spittle (Octobre 2014) - Salt Spring Island Canada
* Professional Three Principles Practitioner Retreat, Pransky and Associates, February 214, 2015 and 2016 (small group leader) - La Conner WA

Special Interests
Business, Dating, Women