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Real Principles For Real Change

William Pettit Jr
3 Principles Intervention LLC
Phoenix, Michigan, United States
(517) 431-5069
About Practice:
Since Linda and I moved to Michigan, a number of individuals and families have come for 3 to 5 day programs for assistance. I recently returned from two weeks in a European country spending 10 days over two weeks assisting two individuals. I will generally spend 4 days seeing a client twice daily during those 4 days. This done with the knowledge that another 4 days session may follow

In addition, I do phone consultations to individuals and to small groups

Linda and l live in the "Irish Hills " 25 miles SW of Ann Ardor Michigan with rolling hills and >50 spring fed lakes, 50 minutes from Detroit International Airport. It is a beautiful setting with many lakeside cabins nearby. Another advantage of my seeing clients here is the availability of my wife Linda to leave academia for a bit and assist in the teaching
Practice Types:
Individual Clients, Couples, Groups, Business, Seminars, Webinars, Telephone Consultations
Years Teaching: 30

St Bede JC AA 1962, Creighton University BA 1965 University of Illinois MD 1969

Rush Presbyterian St Luke MC Chicago IL Surgical Internship and PG 2 7/69 to 7/71

Naval Aerospace Medical Institute Pensacola FL 9/71 to4/72 Navy Flight Surgeon Training

Philadelphia NRMC PG 3 and PG 4 in Psychiatry 6/74 to7/76
Portsmouth NRMC PG 5 in Psychiatry 7/76 to 7/77

Training Summary
26 years of individual instruction and attendance at public lectures by Sydney Banks since 4/1 1983
I was Introduced to The Three Principles and Sydney Banks by George Pransky PhD who has been a teacher , colleague and friend since our meeting 1/1/1983

Ten month fellowship in the psychotherapeutic application of understanding/appreciating The Three Principles at The Advanced Human Studies Institute 8/84 to 6/85 (Roger Mills PhD one instructor)

Another huge source of deepening my appreciation/understanding of The Three Principles has been and is the reading and re-reading of the six books Syd banks wrote and watching and Listening to the DVDs of his presentations

Special Interests
Humans who have been labeled less than they are:
1) For what they do: Eating Disorders, Addiction, OCD, Cutting and other injurious behavior
2) For what they experience: Anxiety, Panic, Depression,Psychosis, PPTSD* (*This intervention brings powerful hope to those with PTSD)
"You Can get Home from Anywhere"

Service Professionals and their families e.g.Doctors, Therapists,Teachers,Policemen,Lawyers

Doctors and Therapists who want to deepen their appreciation/understading of The Three Principles