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Real Principles For Real Change

Psychology: We are all in this together - Karen Miller Williams, Alan Roy and Lori Carpenos

Psychology: We are all in this together-How understanding the principles transforms the client and the clinician, By Karen Miller Williams, Alan Roy and Lori Carpenos

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John Grham
Posted 2/4/2016 at 12:31 PM
my therapist Bob showed me a book that might help me{although I believed to be beyound help,I ordered the book on eBay{due to being a cheapo,}took 2 weeks to get to me.tell them to go to a bookstore and do not wait,Is there a price on happiness, contentment and peace of mind...............I am now on my 2nd reading......got to go and share more later{I am a Army veteran with PTSD and I hope to be cured and 100% well soon,30% disabled and aFormer Ranger{75th}Viet Nam 69 an 70............retired 38 year line worker at GM corporation,was in dozens of fights in the plant and once in our Plant hospital,I saw my records by accident,It said,He has the bible in one Hand and a SWORD in the other....
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