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Real Principles For Real Change

Listen to practitioners talk about The Three Principles applied to a wide variety of topics.
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"One Man's Experience of Continuing Education in the Principles" - George Pransky
Tags: George Pransky, Education, Experience
Ami Mills-Naim - Teaching in schools
Tags: Teaching, Schools, Ami Mills-Naim
Lisa Portinga - Facilitation
Tags: Lisa, Portinga, Facilitation
Ken Manning - Remarkable Business Results
Tags: Ken, Manning, Remarkable, Business, Results
Ami Chen Mills-Naim - Judgement
Tags: Ami Chen Mills-Naim, Judgement
Garret Kramer - State of Mind
Tags: Garret, Kramer, State, Mind
Dr. Mark Howard - Anger Management
Tags: Mark Howard, Anger, Management
Dicken Bettinger - Anxiety
Tags: Dicken, Bettinger, Anxiety
Ami Chen Mills-Naim - Goals, Steps, "Doing" and Well-being
Tags: Ami, Chen, Mills-Naim, Youth, Adolescence
Annika Schahn - Mental Calm
Tags: Annika, Schahn, Mental, Calm
Aaron Turner - Application
Tags: Aaron, Turner, Application
Cheryl Bond - Relationships in Business
Tags: Cheryl, Bond, Relationship, Business
Sharing the Principles - Ken Manning
Tags: Sharing, Ken, Manning
Religion - Dr. Judy Sedgeman
Tags: judy, sedgeman, religion
The Principles in Law Enforcement - Ed Lemon
Tags: Law, Enforcement, Ed, Lemon, police, policing
Personal/Impersonal Thought - Linda Pransky
Tags: Personal, Impersonal, Linda, Pransky
Dr. Jack Pransky - Children
Tags: Jack, Pransky, Children
Dr. Bill Pettit - Chemical Imbalance
Tags: Bill, Pettit, Chemical, Imbalance
Aaron Turner - Stress
Tags: Aaron, Turner, Stress
Garret Kramer - Athletic Performance
Tags: Garret, Kramer, Athletic, Performance
Mara Gleason - Self-esteem
Tags: Mara, Gleason, Self-esteem
Mary Martin - Change
Tags: Mary, Martin, Change
Dicken Bettinger - Ego
Tags: Dicken, Bettinger, Ego
Annika Hurwitt Schahn - Busy Mind
Tags: Annika, Hurwitt, Schahn, Busy, Mind