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Real Principles For Real Change

We offer FREE live webinars presented by the most experienced Three Principles Practitioners in the world who will discuss The Principles and their application to different fields and areas of interest, ranging from parenting, addiction, mental illness, workplace stress and countless other topics.  You can watch all the 3PGC webinar recordings on the 3PGC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF0hZhnHL97Bq1hCVFS7UKg

3PGC Webinars



The next 3PGC Webinar is on Wednesday, December 12th, at 2PM Eastern time

with Mara gleason Olsen

What I've Learned Working with Youth and Adults in South Side Chicago and Gaza/West Bank

In my work with these communities over the last year and a half, I've learned so much about:
-Keeping things so simple
-What truly connects us all
-Working in the unknown and getting comfortable with my own insecurities
-The limitless possibilities available to human beings
-Doing it all with my husband as my co-director :)

Please join me for this webinar and I'll be happy to discuss any questions you may have about our work at One Solution (or anything else, for that matter!)

Mara Gleason Olsen is the co-founder of One Solution, an international non profit dedicated to solving large-scale global issues by illuminating a new understanding of the mind. It is Mara’s life passion to demonstrate how our understanding of the mind is both the source of our problems and also their solutions.  
Throughout her career, Mara has worked with all walks of life, including MIT-trained physicists, UN directors, US Marines, NHL players, Microsoft managers, kids and prison inmates.  From 2010-2016 she partnered with Aaron Turner to found and co-direct One Thought, a New York/London-based company that trained thousands of organizational leaders and professionals from around the world.  She is the #1 bestselling author of One Thought Changes Everything. Mara is a sought after speaker at international conferences, has been interviewed in Elle magazine South Africa and been a featured guest on many podcasts.
Mara graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University in NYC in 2006.  She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and co-director of One Solution, Eirik Olsen.  She is a very frequent flier and enjoys talking to strangers on planes.  
Learn more at www.onesolutionglobal.org , www.facebook.com/onesolglobal/ or contribute to our mission here: www.onesolutionglobal.org/p/getinvolved

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Please find the 3PGC Spanish COI Webinars:

All webinar recordings will be downloaded into our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWiMjKYuR944gjozZ-mqMA

All webinars will be either in Spanish or in English translated at the moment in Spanish. All webinars information in Spanish, will be posted in our Facebook page named Comunidad Hispana de la 3PGC


As of 2014, there are approximately, 55.3 millions Hispanics in USA and 440 million Spanish speaking people in Central, South America, the Caribbean plus 43 million people in Spain.  We see how vital it is to share The Three Principles and help to bring hope and peace to the people from these regions. This understanding will help them thrive and awaken to the power they have within themselves to change and transform their 
communities into healthy, safe, and positive places to live. 

We hope that you will join them and make the connections needed to start to bring these simple principles to the world.

Previous Webinars

You can watch all the  3PGC  webinar recordings on the 3PGC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF0hZhnHL97Bq1hCVFS7UKg